Subclass 491

As a result of Australian government’s decision to ease the high demand and the current congestion in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the government has made a decision to divert more of the new migrants to regional areas. As per this decision, the government has increased the quota allocated for regional visas.

Subclass 491 is a provisional visa that when granted, the applicant can live, work, study up to 5 years in a designated regional area in Australia. Each state has different set of requirements for this visa.  Unlike Skilled Independent visa, you will need to show the commitment to the state in order to succeed nomination in this category. Once granted you are required to fulfill this commitment.


What are the Designated Regional areas?

Designated regional areas can be considered as “All of Australia except Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane area. Perth and Gold Coast are now considered as regional areas.



·       Can access to more points when nominated under SC 491 Skill work regional

·       Receive priority processing.

·       All members of families can live, work and study in regional areas.

·       Eligible to apply PR after 3 years.

·       Grant up to 5 years


Pathways to apply:

1.     Applicant nominated by State or Territory government agency

2.     Applicant Sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area.


How to Apply:

Applicants can apply by submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest) and receiving an invitation to apply. An expression of Interest (EOI) is an indication that you would like to be considered for a skill visa.

EOI need to be submitted through Skillselect which manages who can apply for visas. Only applicants who received an Invitation in Skillselect are eligible to start the visa process and submit the application. The points system has been amended under new system and points awarded for subclass 491 has been increased for regional nomination.


To become eligible, following requirements must be satisfied

Ø  Occupation on relevant Skilled list

Ø  Age Under 45 years 

Ø  Meet point test minimum pass mark of 65 points (current as of June 2020)

Ø  Competent English

Ø  Having a suitable skill assessment

Ø  Meet the skill requirement



As the availability and the requirements can change in a very short spell of time, our advice is to plan your course of action well before embarking on this pathway. Skills assessments for this visa process may differ depending on the assessing authority. The state/regional nomination is becoming a complex process requiring professional guidance.  If you are not confident about any of the above areas to proceed further, we advise you to seek professional assistance before proceeding. You can reach us by sending an email to or contacting one of our offices. 


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