Resident Return visa (subclass 155)

This visa is applicable for former Australian permanent residents and current permanent residents who want to regain their permanent residency or extend their current one. To apply for the Resident Return Visa, the applicant must be a holder of permanent residence status or a former permanent resident whose visa has not been revoked, or a former citizen who has renounced or lost citizenship. There are no age requirements to apply for this visa. When submitting an RRV application, applicants are assessed against the criteria for both subclass 155 and 157 visas. If you do not meet the requirements for a subclass 155 visa, you will be assessed for a subclass 157 visa, which can be granted for three months. The applicant’s possibility of receiving a favorable decision on their request for a resident return visa will be seriously affected if they have previously had any visas canceled or visa refusals. With this visa, an applicant can travel in and out of Australia for as long as the visa is valid. Each family member must lodge a separate application when applying for a Resident Return Visa.