The self-assessment tool below for subclasses 189, 190 and 489 gives the indicative score that you may achieve based on the answers you provide. 

Currently, the pass mark for GSM skilled visas is 65.  However, this may change from time to time.  If your indicative score is above this range, we recommend that you seek professional advice to obtain the assessment advice from a Registered Migration Agent.  This is primarily because, each skills assessing authority has different criteria in determining whether your skills are suitable for migration to Australia. Trans Aus Migration can help you in this aspect.  As we at Trans Aus Migration possess the expertise/knowledge with the procedures of the main skills assessing authorities, we can advise you further as to your best course of action.

Warning: This assessment tool is only for a general understanding of the GSM skilled visa points system.  Trans Aus Migration does not undertake any responsibility for persons acting without our professional advice for their migration assessment or any other migration-related matters.