Temporary Skill Shortage visa TSS (Subclass 482) Visa

As a solution to the labor shortage in Australia, Employers have the ability to employ legitimately talented employees from outside Australia through the TSS Visa process. It makes it easier to strategically employ foreign employees to fill temporary skill gaps while making sure that Australian workers are given precedence. Applicants also can include Immediate family members such as a partner and dependent children in the application. Holders of TSS visas are permitted to work in Australia in the designated field for a recognized employer. There are 3 streams under this visa.

  • Short-Term stream – Up to two years. When an appropriately competent Australian worker cannot be found, this stream is intended to help Australian firms temporarily fill skill gaps with overseas labor.
  • Medium-Term stream – Up to four years. When it is not possible to find an Australian worker with the necessary skills, this stream enables companies to find and sponsor foreign employees to fill shortages in a more limited range of professions and vocations in the medium and long term.
  • Labor Agreement stream – When conventional visa programs are unavailable and there is a clear need that the Australian labor market cannot fill, this stream may be used in exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility requirements for TSS 482 Visa:

  • Should have at least two years of full-time paid work experience related to the profession.
  • Should be a listed occupation on STSOL or MLTSSL.
  • Should fulfill the relevant skill level and qualifications.
  • satisfy the language requirement in English.
  • satisfy the character and fitness standards.
  • pay the market benchmark for the minimum salary.
  • carry out LMTs (labor market testing)
  • possess a contract for full-time work.
  • SAF (Skilling Australian Funds) charge must be paid.

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